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Phone: 07772667206

For more information these are the common sizes often requested with the recommended amount of people standing and seated.

Youngs Marquee


All of our marquees include free basic lighting and suitable flooring within the hire price. If you wish to add any extras, such as seating, linings, dancefloors, ect. Please let us know, and we will sort out your requests.

6m X 4m
​Seating 20, Standing 40
​6m X 6m
​Seating 30, Standing 60
​6m X 8m
​Seating 40, Standing 80
​6m X 9m
​Seating 45, Standing 90
​6m X 10m
​Seating 50, Standing 100
​6m X 12m
​Seating 60, Standing 120
​6m X 16m
Seating 80, Standing 160